ServiceNow – Part 1

To be clear I think this is more a case of “it fucks with me” but this is where I am now. This fucking application. This fucking SaaS (PaaS? Do I fucking care?). I mean, these guys need props where props are due. It’s turned into the defacto standard from an industry perspective concerning ITIL […]


So I’ve been awol for a while on account of what the fuck is going on in the world but like many of us I’m now fucking with a quarantine. Introverts everywhere be like I be like ngl. This shit sucks. I love my kids. I don’t love them enough to want to spend every […]

I Drink Tea

I do. I genuinely love tea. Out of all the drinks in the world there’s really only one thing I would love more than a tea and that’s two teas or, if you humour me, twoteas or if you stretch it a bit.. titties. Jokes aside through, I love tea. I traditionally like a good […]


So it’s March April and it’s Autism Awareness Month. It’s also World Autism Day. So as you can imagine we are all going to be inundated with discussions about Autism. Don’t get me wrong. This is good. I’ll cover it later but discussion is never bad. Discussion can be counter-productive at times but it’s never […]

My Problem With Packaging

Every goddamn time I post a goddamn cider review. I see “Packaging” and I go “Heh. Packaging.” I am a fucking child. So I need to think of another way to refer to it cause I already have “Appearance” which is referring to the actual cider in the glass. Do I just go for it […]

I Review Cider

This is kind of how it all started. There are parts of me that sit there and think “My God what have I done?” but in reality God done fucked off a long time ago. You need a canonical list well that’s a separate post for a separate day. Now as for cider? I’ve grown […]