So I’ve been awol for a while on account of what the fuck is going on in the world but like many of us I’m now fucking with a quarantine.

Introverts everywhere be like

I be like

ngl. This shit sucks. I love my kids. I don’t love them enough to want to spend every waking hour with them.

STFU Will. Only parents will understand.

Pre-Pandemic I honestly thought I was a fairly level headed person aside from some struggles with work. What I’ve since learned is that I’m very much the kind of person that, even though I’m not the most social of people, I very much need human touch.

There’s a struggle in there beyond the obvious. How do you qualify and quantify without putting that into a negative light? Many people will just say “Suck it up. This is life you can’t see people and be close.”

That’s fine and dandy but there’s something to be said about human interaction.

My ADHD has put me in an interesting position which I don’t feel is unique. On the one hand I love The Internet because it pushes the ability to message through text. It’s like an intentional filter to my brain that squeezes out onto a keyboard as opposed to the verbal diarrhea that comes out from opening my mouth. I’ll be honest I hate the phone. That’s something I don’t fuck with… But I crave interaction. In order of interactions from most preferred to least preferred it would look something like this.

Human Interaction > Text Interaction > Verbal Interaction

It’s not perfect obviously and sometimes there may be a flip but that’s pretty concise.

On a personal level that human interaction was kicked in the teeth. Hard. How people are able to manage with that is beyond me.